Welcome to Pao!

Pao (short for "program as objects") is firstly an idea that a computer program is reprensented totally as objects, as opposed to textual code in the traditional way. This objectization covers all the aspacts of a program, including the internal respresentation, persistance on storage, user interface, editing, debugging, documentation, etc.

This idea is not entirely new. It finds relavence in technologies such as Code DOM, Visual/Graphical Programming, etc. There are also many products and research efforts that more or less share this approach. However, total objectization is yet to find its way into mainstream programming. Pao, as an IDE, endeavors to piece things together and translate this idea into a viable, efficient, productive and enjoyable exprience for programmers.

Pao is a general-purpose programming environment. Currently, it supports microsoft .NET windows application development. Its language(Pao#) covers most sementics of C# (up to v3.5). Please check out the unique features of Pao.

Pao is for programmers who has basic knowledge of .NET/C#. Programming with Pao is a whole new experience. It will take a little bit learning and practising to get started. Once you get a hang of it, however, you'll be rewarded with its richness in features. We encourage you to download Pao, roughly go through the user guide, and play with it.

Right now, Pao is still in its infancy. There are still quite a lot of incompleteness, limitations and bugs. Check out the Status Page to see the current development status. We appriciate any input (bug reports and feature suggestions) from you. Please visit our forum and share your opinions.

We are also looking for parteners/investers/hiring. See the About page to contact us.